• sapphire7373sapphire7373


    Hey readers.

    With bonfire night coming in less than 9 days I thought I would show you an outfit that I think is perfect for the colourful night of fireworks.


  • Callie.StardollCallie.Stardoll


    Greetings and welcome, divine Dollies!

    Halloween can be the most fun!  As someone who loves to dress up, this is the perfect holiday!  I can be whomever I want to be - anything from something sweet to something wicked! 

    For Dream Suite this week, though, we want your spine to tingle by delighting and and terrifying you with the dark Suite styling talents of several Stardoll members! 

    Enter the rest of this article...if you dare...

  • Princess-InesPrincess-Ines


    Aujourd'hui un petit reportage sur les origines d'Halloween et une

    sélection de quelques poupées qui vont vous faire.. la chair de poule ;)


  • Clarounette-x3Clarounette-x3


    Après avoir transformé vos présentations et Suites avec moi, place à vos dolls  !

  • Amber_DollAmber_Doll


    Hello stardoll

    My name is Amber and I am a new writer for the starblog. So today I will be showing you the many talents of.... LadyFrancoise

    Her rooms

  • lel1996lel1996


    Want some inspiration for your Stardoll Halloween look?  One of our StarBloggers, lel1996, who is a talented make up tutorialist, sent us some of her best Halloween make up suggestions.  I'm a big fan of her videos, so we've included some of those as well.

    Happy spooky Halloween, everyone!

    - Callie.Stardoll

    A Clockwork Orange - Alex DeLarge

  • lizluzlizluz


    Hi, I'm Liz. I'm a new Starblogger :D.

    I really hope your enjoy reading my future posts which will probably consist of outfit ideas, stuff about music and videos, and also members who I think deserve to be featured. My posts will mainly float around those kinds of ideas, but keep your eyes peeled for new posts :D.

    Anyways, Halloween is soon so I decided that I'll create some looks to feature today and up to Halloween itself. The first outfit was inspired by an Egyptian Empress theme and also the Otherworld store.

  • Miss00Lee99Miss00Lee99


    Hello stardolls!

    I thought that a lot of you might want to win NCG, so here are some tips of what to do, and what not to do to help!

  • TheFabChloeTheFabChloe


    Hey everyone!

    I will be giving you some make-up tips for your medoll or even real life!

    Everyday Life:

    1. Having a light eyeshadow is all it takes. There is no need to go heavy.
    2. Add mascara, it will give your eyelashes volume and compliment your eyes.
    3. Eyeliner is optional. Add around the eye to give that extra boldness.
    4. Light eyeshadow means you can go heavier on the lips. Go for a pink or a red or if you don't feel confident, go "Au Naturale" if you want a light look!
    5. Add a little bit of pale pink blush and your ready to go!


    1. Smoky eyes are always a good look. You must have a dark and a light eyeshadow. For your medoll, apply the light eyeshadow onto your doll's eyelids. After that, apply the dark one over the BOTTOM of your eyelid. Add a little eyeliner and you have smoky eyes.
    2. Add your mascara on.
    3. With smoky eyes, I decide to keep my lips pale. Add a pale lipstick or no lipstick and add some gloss.
    4. Go light with your blush aswell. Let your eyes do all the talking. After that, your set to have a great night!

    Thanks for reading!

  • poohg_1993poohg_1993



    Above are 10 designs from the very talented Glam.Diamond
    Below is her exclusive interview on designing!