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    Les mathématiques, source de problèmes... (Oui, elle est nulle mais ça peut toujours faire rire, haha. Ok, je sors :p)
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    Hello readers. Today I'm speaking to devie44 who is a 15 year old boy called Patrick.

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    A l'occasion du concours de Décors Solidarité avec La Réunion, je tenais à vous faire partager quelques coups de cœur qui m'ont longtemps fait hésiter...camoreauKitty3820
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    Recently, Decades released some new items. One of those items was a beautiful and vintage silver wig.


    What's great about this item, besides the fact that it's pretty, is that it's available in starcoins so non-superstars can buy it as well!


    Here's some Stardoll beauties who have found wonderful looks to pair with their new wigs!


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    "It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new". - Tony Visconti


    Stardoll - a lovely place to find out about the latest fashion sensations and, of course, live that luxurious dream. The Starplaza is where you can do just that. With fabulous shops that tend to release new collections daily, your supply of beautiful garments will never run low!


    One of my favorite shops that Stardoll's exclusive Starplaza has to offer is 'Decades': an ever-changing vintage boutique! With a variety of magnificent authentic apparel, you are able to take a step back in time. This website is full of rare individuals that have their own passion for fashion. If you are a new member here, or even a pioneer - I recommend taking a closer look at this shop! Vintage is a staple for those that are fashion forward. This store will help you to understand the history of the powerful clothing and trends that you see today.

    Decades: tylerisbold

    Leave a comment if you are wearing something from Decades. Who knows, you might just end up in my next post, right here in Stardoll Magazine!

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    J'ai vu dernièrement chez une doll une idée de manucure très originale. Il s'agit d'une manucure fruitée...

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    Hello starblog readers.

    As somebody who has been on stardoll for a long time I wanted to share with you some tips I've learned over the years on keeping your accounts safe and avoiding various scams.

    1, Scam: "Want a free makeover? Send me your password it's hack free!"

    The truth: There is nothing wrong with giving a makeover on stardoll BUT there is no need to give out your password! All you need to do is go to their suite, click beauty parlor, do the makeover and take a photo by clicking the button you can see here. The photo will be saved in your pictures where your friend can look at it and copy what you did. No password required!

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    It's that time again, Dollies!  Well, yes, it's time for the Dream Suite, but it's also soon time for Twilight: Breaking Dawn!  Yeah!

    I don't know about you, but I cannot wait until the premiere for the new Twilight movie.  It's going to be so awesome!  It's been on my mind, and it even helped me choose this week's Dream Suite feature: Bella5_5Edward from Greece!

    The Twilight series is a modern fairy tale, and Bella5_5Edward's Suite rooms are a fairy tale lover's dream!  Mermaids, dreamy forest scenes, even Rapunzel in her high tower!

    Click through to the images in this post, then head on over to Bella5_5Edward's suite to see more! (And trust me, there's lots more to see!)Bella5_5Edward
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    La tendance de l'hiver, c'est la peau lainée !

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    11/11/11 !

    il y a 34 mois 38 commentaire(s)

    Aujourd'hui c'est un jour assez spécial ! Déjà, 11 novembre, signature de l'Armistice de la guerre de 14-18, mais cette année, nous sommes le 11/11/11!